Dinner Church
Our Dinner Church service is on pause due to the pandemic, we hope to resume this service in the Spring

“Dinner Church” is a relatively new way to worship here at St. Mark’s. And while it is relatively new, it has great roots in the Christian tradition. Meals have a great tradition in our church, from pot lucks, to picnics, to the Holy Supper we share in communion – food plays a central role in who we are as Christians. We like to say that we are also “fed” by the experience of worship, so Dinner Church seeks to feed you both spiritually and physically.

Each Thursday night we gather in the auditorium around 6:00pm, we gather together and join in praying and singing to gather the community together. After our opening prayer we get our dinner (usually soup or salad) and then gather around the table together. We read a story from scripture and then spend some time discussing what it means for our life. We spend time talking and eating just like Jesus and the disciples did, breaking bread, and sharing our faith together.

After discussing for a bit we pray together, praying for the needs of our community and our world. We then celebrate the Holy Supper of Communion – just like the disciples did, around a table. After communion, having been fed, we are sent from the table to share the good news of God with the world.

Dinner Church is a very relaxed worship experience, some come right from work, some right from the gym, some from just picking the kids up. No matter where you are on your faith journey you are welcome here at Dinner Church!