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While we acknowledge that we are not fully out of the woods with COVID-19 - the widespread availability of vaccines and boosters for a large segment of our community have brought infection rates to a level that we feel we can make some changes to our COVID protocols at church. We also know that for many, these changes will be hard given the fact that some of our community still cannot receive vaccines. I continue to be hopeful that this will change in the next month or so as studies are released. Council met this past week for our monthly meeting and have recommend the following changes: 

Masking will be optional for worship
For Sunday's when it may be more crowded (upcoming Easter for example) or Sunday's when we have a baptism (like this coming Sunday for example) you may consider wearing a mask for the safety of others. 

Fellowship hour will resume after worship starting Sunday April 10th
We will be bringing back our fellowship time after worship. A signup sheet will be going up for households to again sign up for bringing snacks to share during fellowship hour. 

The Nursery will be open
The Nursery will be available for little ones to take a break should they need it during the worship service. 

Return to Communion at the rail 
We will return to Communion at the rail on Palm Sunday (April 10th) for those who wish, communion kits will still be available for those who still wish to remain in their seats. 

Dinner Church Worship on Thursdays
Dinner church is still on pause while we have conversations about what this worship service will look like moving forward. 

Should infection rates change in our wider community - we may need to amend our procedures to keep our community safe, but we will follow CDC guidelines as we continue to live with this virus for the long haul.