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Cross Sightings Walk

Take a walk through your neighborhood or a nearby park. Look for cross symbols around you. They can be in nature, or human created. When you find these crosses, stop and think about how God continues to show up to surprise us, how the symbol of God’s love (the cross) continues to be present with us, and how God is at work even now to redeem the world.


Passion Story with Young Children

This is a sad story for anyone but especially young children. It’s hard to explain that Jesus would only be dead for a few days. Talk about what things make them sad.

  • What are the things that make them sad? What makes the sad go away?
  • Are there times when the sad just won’t go away?
  • Remind them that feeling is ok and that everyone feels sad.
  • What makes them feel better? What can kids do to make someone else feel better?
  • Make a list together of things that make the sad go away. Post that list somewhere or online for the world to see --- we call it Good Friday because God is making our “sad” go away forever!