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Notice that the trees are still bare. With little or nothing to block them, their branches up toward the sun, almost the posture of praise. Take a camera with you to take photos of the trees with their “arms” outstretched in praise. Then post these photos to facebook with the caption, “even the trees lift their hands to say, ‘Hosanna, blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!’”

  • Why do the bare trees look so happy? Do they know that new life is coming, that their branches won’t be bare for much longer? (Can you spy any tiny branches with buds?) Take a photo and post about new life is coming.
  • Do they feel the new life of spring sap flowing through their warming branches and buds? Do they feel excited like humans do that Spring is here?
  • How do they know to reach for the sun? How are we reaching for the Son (Jesus) this week?
  • Take a minute on your walk to STRETCH. Stretch your arms, calves, back and neck. Can you feel the tightness loosening up? Stretch your hands up to the sky, up above your head, reaching as high as you can.
  • We are like trees in Springtime when we worship, trusting and expecting God to keep God’s promises and to bring new life! Take a picture as a family during your walk to share with friend and neighbors!