For over a 100 years St. Mark’s has been making Easter Egg candies as a fundraiser to support the church. 


Saint Mark's is known far and wide for it's annual Easter Egg Candy Sale. For over 100 years our congregation has been selling chocolate covered "egg" candies for the Easter Season as a fundraiser for the church. What started in 1913 as a fundraiser to purchase the church organ, now continues as a fundraiser to support St. Mark's as well as the wider community. 


While the candy fundraiser made eggs by hand in the basement of the church, the pandemic had us change how we do things a bit. We secured a partnership with a candy maker in Lancaster who uses our recipe to produce eggs for our fundraiser. Previously members of St. Mark's and members of the community used to make candies by hand in the basement of the church. Each person had their own unique job depending on what part of the candy production suited your gifts. Candy makers were all ages and for many families, it was a generational thing as candy making spanned as many as 4 generations in our church. 


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